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Concertos & Choral & Chamber music

Concertos & Choral & Chamber music

This is a summary of the partial catalog of works, with a few videos of some of them.

Peter, The Evil (2009)
Oci, the shaman (2006)

Chamber opera
Casina (2013)
The Third King (2012)

The Goggolori (2007)
The Dragon’s Head (2006)

Band music
Bajadanza Mateo (2020)
Various arrangements.

Sacred choral works
Pater Noster (2012)
Brevis Mass in F major (2011)
Stabat Mater (2010)
Brevis Mass in C minor (2009)

I live without living in me (New York premere, 2019)
I want, I dream (Luis del Olmo recital tour, 2019)
Ave Maria (José Zorrilla House Museum, 2018)
Ethos song (2018)
Hesiod’s Muses (2014)
* Lope de Vega, Quevedo, etc. cycles

Works for piano
Concerto for piano and orchestra (2007)
Four-handed studies (I, II, III)
Sonatas (I, II, III, IV, V, VI)
Sonatins (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII)

Audiovisuals and short films
From Today to Yesterday: A Look at the Past (2006)
The Shepherd’s Time (2006)
The Black Sheep (2005)
Lola and the balls of wool (2005)
The Creative Crisis (2004)
Prisoners (2004)
A Little Like Everything (2003)

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